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  • Curves Travel is a benefit of being a Curves Member. Go to Sign up and register to win a free cruise. In addition, we get special group discount rates because of the number of international Curves Members.

  • Curves & Medicare Supplement Plans - Free Memberships - Some Medicare Supplement Plans pay for your Curves Membership. Qualifying plans include:
    • Secure Horizons
    • Silver & Fit
    • Silver Sneakers
    Please call us for enrollment information.

  • is a new Curves Member website designed to provide encouragement and enhance your Curves experience. Get your Access Code at the club.

  • Curves Complete is a comprehensive online weight-loss solution and the perfect companion to club membership! With the program, members are armed with the tools they need to achieve and maintain weight-loss goals. Go to the Curves Complete website.

  • Take your Curves Workout to the next level! The Curves Advanced Workout Program is available to all Curves Wilsonville members. Ask your Fitness Advisor how to get started.

  • Curves Wilsonville Member Services Program - This is your chance to "Stop, Change, Start" as you reset and achieve your goals at Curves. It's our way of letting you know we care. Ask your Fitness Advisor for ways to meet your fitness goals!

  • GlobalFit and Curves - GlobalFit makes joining Curves easy and affordable. Visit the GlobalFit website for more information or contact your HR Benefits Representative.

  • Staff and Member Testimonials are posted on our Website. If you have a Curves Testimonial to share, just let our staff know and we will add it to our list.

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Curves Goals List

     I Joined Curves Because I Want To:

  • Lose __ lbs. before ___
    - My Reunion (High School, College, Family)
    - My Vacation
    - Summer
    - The Holidays
    - The Wedding
    - My Anniversary
    - Valentines Day
    - Etc.
  • Fulfill my New Years Resolution
  • Loose Inches
  • Tone up my muscles
  • Get Curvy
  • Improve my health
  • Improve my quality of life
  • Improve my strength
  • Improve my heart rate
  • Improve my breathing
  • Improve my endurance
  • Improve my posture
  • Work out with my friends
  • Prevent getting Type II Diabetes
  • Reduce the effects of Diabetes
  • Reduce the effects of Osteoporosis
  • Reduce the effects of Fibromyalgia
  • Learn to Live a healthy lifestyle
    - Exercise
    - Diet
  • Get support and encouragement
  • Meet new friends
  • Have a place where I belong
  • Touch my toes
  • Feel good about myself
  • Exercise in elegance
  • Have a safe place to work out
  • Have fun while I work out

Do you see your Goal? Just let us know and we will add it to our list


  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Is your New Year's Resolution Curves?
  • Curves is "The Girl Power Half Hour"
  • Curves Mission: "Strengthening Women". Our Mission: "Strengthening Wilsonville Women"
  • I don't feel as strong as I used to. I need to workout at Curves again!
  • At Curves, your Health and Fitness is our Business.
  • Invite a friend to Curves and you will never be lonely.
  • Curves - The Power To Amaze Yourself!
  • Meet Your Next Best Friend at Curves.
  • No Men, No Makeup, No Mirrors.
  • Friends "LET" Friends Workout at Curves.
  • Curves is your Safe Place to Workout.
  • Curves is a Community of Support.
  • Curves Works!

What makes Curves special to you? Just let us know and we will add your "Curves-Ism" to the list: